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Monday, December 13, 2004

Bad news on the nativity scene…

Strong winds were blowing out of the canyon this morning when I got up and it remains blowing hard from the east and down the slope of the mountain. The wind has blown down my manger and toppled all the characters from my nativity scene. I did not take time when leaving this morning to investigate the damage, I was late for work and cleaning up-fixing up would have taken too long.

But it’s a sad scene in my front yard this morning… I just put out new Wise Men over the weekend as two of them had cracked while in storage this year and had to be replaced at a not insubstantial 100+ dollars on the old debit card. I'm going to be really distracted today not knowing the condition of my characters and unhappy if there's been any damage besides being blown over.

Our manger is made from roofing chipboard and wooden slatting and consists of a 3 piece section of walls and another 3 piece section of sloping roof held together with 2 door hinges and all tied to the ground with some cord and stakes. The whole thing was flipped over with the inside of the roof showing and the characters scattered when I drove away. Which really concerns me because there's an angel attached to the top of the roof! I'm worried about her condition.

Anyway, I forgot my watch, work beckons and for some reason I can't get into the online registration for next term's classes which is supposed to be open this morning. So, yeah, call me Grumpy this morning.

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